Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Time to Update!!!

So I know that it has been so long since I have blog. We have been so busy. So I'm going to play catch up for just a minute. We had a fun summer of camping and swimming and playing with all of our many friends. In August Brandon started a new job at Walker Edison Furniture. We were so thrilled for this job because now he gets to spend more time with us. His has a normal 8-5pm job and weekends off. I had forgotten what that was like to have him home and I love it!

In September Kenna started Kindergarten! So crazy that that she is old enough to go to elementary school.She rides the bus and loves it. I was a little nervous the first few days of riding the bus but we made it through and its no big deal. She is so super smart and loves reading. Addie started a little preschool with some our awesome neighbors. It so fun we each take turn teaching. She looks forward to it every week. They both started dance and love it. Adalyns was so excited to finally to be 3 yrs old so she could do what her big sister does.

Also in September we put our house up for sale. We had done this before and got nothing.But this time it sold in a week!! So needless to say we moved and we are living with my parents while our house it being built in Riverton. We are so excited and hope to move in by May.

We have been so blessed this year with so many things. Im so grateful for my cute little family. I have to say I am so thankful for the gospel. I don't know what I would do with out it:)

Here are some random pictures of what we have been up to.........

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

San Diego/ Disneyland

We took our girls on a trip to California. It was so fun we went to San Diego,Sea World, and of course Disneyland. They were the perfect age and loved it.It was so fun to see there little eyes light up when we saw characters and animals.Here are some pictures.............

Sea World...
They loved all the shows and the got to feed some Sea Lions:)

San Diego Zoo...
I love this zoo its so cool.

Beach Day...
We went to Newport beach to play. Kenna loved the ocean, and Adalyn not so much but she loved playing in the sand and finding sea shells.

This was the highlight. My girls loved the princess'. It was so fun to see them meet all of them. Adalyn was so mad at me because I didn't pack her enough dresses. She had to look like a princess everyday.I loved seeing there eyes light up on all the rides. Cars Land opened while were there and it was so crazy. We had such a great time and I'm so glad that we go to do this.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Adalyn's 3rd Birthday!!

I can't believe that my baby is 3yrs old! Well she will be official tomorrow April 30th. So we have been partying all weekend. She had a great birthday party. We had a "Sweet Shopee". It was all pink of course because that how the Avery girls are all PINK !! Adalyn had a so much fun here are some pictures.....

Birthday Girl !!
I have been working on her decor for awhile and it turned out great
Her Pink Candy Bar :)
Her cake was a giant cupcake. My friend has this awesome pan and it was so easy.
Mommy and birthday girl !!
Adalyn's Sweet Shoppe
Adalyn and her friend Lee Lee
She got a scooter!! Hopefully there is no more fighting now she and Kenna have one :)
Enjoying some cake !! She blew the candles out and was so upset because it took her three tries. So we had to relight them so she could do it again. It was a great day and tomorrow we are going to spend the morning at the zoo for her real birthday. She is so sweet and yet can be so sassy. I'm so grateful she's mine. Happy Birthday Princess!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Time !!!

We are loving spring!! Besides the few days that are cold but hey at least there is no snow. We have had a busy crazy past month. Addie and Brandon got super sick but they are feeling better. Brandon has had it the worst. He has had a rough start to the year. Brandon has been getting better he goes back to the specialist next week to see if the medicine he been taking is working. I've been doing Kenna's stuff for kingarten all ready. She is so excited for it and she gets to ride the bus. I on the other hand I'm kinda freaking out. I'm following that bus the first week to school!
Addie is defiantly turning 3yrs soon. She is a miss sassy independent girl! She spends a lot of time in time out lately but good thing she is so cute. I'm been busy planning Adiie's birthday that is coming up the end of this month. You know I love to plan a party.

We have spent a lot of time outside playing with our friends and at the park. My friend Katie took my girls picture for me and I LOVE THEM !!! My girls are getting so big it s crazy. Here they are enjoy............